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The following mp3s are from the service in commemoration of D-Day held 50 years to the minute of the beginning of the Normandy Invasion on June 5, 1994, EST.  The order of service may be downloaded here.

Track 1 Prelude: Third Movement from Concerto in G Minor - J. Rheinberger
Track 2 Choir: Now Let Us All Praise Famous Men - R. Vaughan Williams
Track 3 Reading/ Prayer FDR's June 5, 1944 Fireside Chat/Prayer
Track 4 Duet: Pie Jesu - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Track 5 Opening Acclamation, Trisagion, Collect of the Day
Track 6 The Lessons
Track 7 Hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Track 8 Gospel Reading
Track 9 Homily by the Rev. Porter Brooks
Track 10 Address by Bishop Keyser
Track 11 Choir: Requiem - Puccini
Track 12 Sursum Corda through Sanctus
Track 13 Music during the Communion
Track 14 Hymn: God of Our Fathers
Track 15 Bishop's Dismissal
Track 16 Brass Postlude

The following mp3s are from "The Passion According to St. Mark" by Ron Nelson presented Good Friday, April 5, 1996

1.  A Way to Calvary      Solo and Choir
2.  Hymn 158 vs. 1 "Ah Holy Jesus"    Congregation
3.  All That I Was     Women of Choir
4.  Hymn 158 vs. 2 "Who Was the Guilty"     Congregation
5.  Lamb of God (Christiansen)     Choir
6.  But O, Before Thy Word     Solo
7.  O Bread of Life From Heaven     Choir
8.  How Shall I Follow him I serve     Choir
9.  Thy Will Be Done     Solo and Choir
10.  Why do the Nations Conspire?     Choir
11.  Hymn 158 vs. 3 "Lo the Good Shepherd"     Congregation
12.   Ah, Sinful Nation     Choir
13.  Out of the Depths     Men of Choir
14.  O for Grace our Hearts to Soften     Choir
15.  Hymn 158 vs. 4 "For Me, Kind Jesus”     Congregation
16.  Scourged with Unrelenting Fury     Choir
17.  Jesus, May Those Precious Fountains     Choir
18.  O World, See Here Suspended     Choir
19.  Hymn 168 vs. 1 "O Sacred Head Sore Wounded"     Congregation
20.  Truly This Man     Choir
21.  S-158 "Agnus Dei" (Willan)     Congregation